FASD Alberta Cross Ministry Initiative: Online Videos, Training and FASD News

Thursday, May 16, 2013
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The FASD-CMC website has been updated to provide easier access to resources, services and news about FASD. The site profiles ongoing work by the Government of Alberta and many community partners to improve outcomes for people of all ages who are living with FASD in Alberta.On the new website you will find: 1) Quick access to the FASD Learning Series, with a new archived section that allows you to search for sessions on specific topics or by presenter. 2) A discussion forum for all Albertans to ask questions about FASD and share their stories and experiences with each other. 3) Upcoming FASD-related events that are happening across Alberta. 4) Easy to find information about community supports available through the 12 FASD Service Networks. 5) Information about the upcoming Alberta FASD conference November 18-19 in Calgary. 6) Links to new research. 7) Straightforward information about FASD and how it affects people living with FASD, their families and caregivers, and the community. 8) A blog/news section that will be regularly updated with new stories, publications, and resources. Additional improvements to the site will made over the coming months to provide opportunities for visitors to the site to have conversations about topics of interest, access a resource library with information from FASD researchers, academics and experts, and learn more about how government and communities are working together to assist Albertans with FASD and their caregivers.