FASlink Fetal Alcohol Disorder Society

FASlink Fetal Alcohol Disorders Society is a Canadian federally incorporated non-profit organization. Our roots go back to 1991 as the Fetal Alcohol Support Network, formed by a group of parents who were struggling with the lack of professional knowledge and supports in the FASD field. FASlink online began as a FASD discussion forum in 1995, founded by Val Surbey. In 1999 FASlink was merged with the FASN website under the direction of Bruce Ritchie and the combined name became FASlink Fetal Alcohol Disorders Society. FASlink's website contains more than 130,000 searchable FASD related documents and serves more than 400,000 visitors annually. The FASlink Discussion Forum, with more than 725 members, compiles the papers and discussions into the FASlink Archives. Our membership is worldwide but most are in Canada and the USA, from the most remote locations to urban centers.