The OBD (Organic Brain Dysfunction) Triage Institute: Raising successful grandchildren living with FASD

This seminar is designed to focus on the core issues that often surround Grandparents raising grandchildren living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). This course will discuss specific difficulties such as conflict in parenting styles between you and your adult child, spouse or family members. Other issues include working with a younger generation of professionals and support people, how to deal with adult children living with FASD, anger and/or sadness towards adult children, and long-term planning. In the last fifteen years, medical diagnosis and support services regarding FASD have dramatically progressed. We now know that FASD are whole body disorders, and not solely organic brain dysfunctions. There are definite connections between even slight, physical differences, learning abilities, and sensory sensitivities, in how they alone or in combination, translate to what appears to be intentionally noncompliant behaviour. This session will ask Grandparents to use your existing parenting experiences combined with updated information, to accurately identify your grandchild’s unique abilities in these areas, and appreciate their challenges from a medical perspective. Topics: • Using the OBD Three Steps Plan of Action model, Grandparents are able to design prevention strategies and intervention techniques to reduce the incidence of stress, anxiety, and/or inappropriate behaviour. Grandparents are encouraged to bring examples of any behavioural concern to “plug into” the model. In this session, Grandparents will be encouraged to share and develop strategies based on their experiences, and grandchild’s specific profile. • Very well-meaning people may think they are being helpful when, in fact, they may be unintentionally triggering stressful situations. Compassion Fatigue and financial strain are very common in families living with FASD, and are often intensified at this stage of life. Suggestions are offered as to how to deal with family, friends and/or professionals to give you, your adult child, and your grandchildren, helpful supports. • “I Guess I’ll Be Retiring in Heaven!” In closing, discussions will include finding perspective, the power of humour and resiliency, turning things over, having faith, and learning new things about life from your grandchild’s view of the world. Length of Training: Two-day Seminar Please contact the OBD Triage Institute directly for available dates and details. For groups preferring onsite training, the seminar is available for presentation in your community. Fee Schedule: Groups interested in requesting this seminar, please contact for a special group rate. No limitation on group size.