Study on the Prevalence of FASD in Canadian Child Welfare Settings: FINAL REPORT

Principal Author: 
Dr. Don Fuchs and Dr. Linda Burnside
Year of Publication: 
2 014

This report describes the activities and findings of the Tri-Province FASD Prevalence Project. The report begins with an overview of the literature pertaining to the prevalence of FASD, particularly in relation to high risk groups like children in care. (The full literature review paper by Burnside 2011 is available on the FASD and Child Welfare Community of Practice website at Additionally, this report includes a summary of FASD diagnostic practices in each of the participating provinces. The overall methodology for the data collection process and the engagement of provincial partners is then reviewed, with details regarding the variations in approach that were made to accommodate the unique data systems and child welfare service structures in each participating province in the Project. Findings for each province are provided in detail, followed by an overview of the results and the implications for future research into the prevalence of FASD.