A Tri-Province Initiative to Expand Understanding of Costs, Services & Prevention of a Public Health Issue: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder & Children/Youth In Care

Principal Author: 
Dr. D. Goodman, Dr. D. Badry, Dr. D. Fuchs, Ms. S. Long, Dr.W. Pelech
Year of Publication: 
2 014

The primary purpose for this tri-province initiative is to expand the understanding of the costs, services and prevention of FASD for children and youth in care. To meet that goal and further knowledge and partnerships plus inform practice and policies, the four key objectives were:

O1-To promote participation, partnership Create a virtual Community of Practice and Inter-sector collaboration (CoP) web-site for Canada.
O2-To do provincial inventories on current Complete for provinces and territories FASD resources, services, needs and gaps a FASD Inventory of Services.
O3-To conduct a tri-provincial study on the Conduct a Prevalence of FASD Study prevalence of FASD with children in care with Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.
O4-To develop web-based, FASD training Construct a web-based, evidence-aimed at families/caregivers informed, Open-Access FASD Curriculum.