Support Services, Networks and Advocacy

Hamilton Task Force on FASD

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Hamilton , ON
The Hamilton Task Force on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a standing committee comprised of voluntary community members who provide leadership and information to the Hamilton community on issues related to FASD. The purpose, for each participating member, is to support the enhancement of the community's ability to address a wide range of needs for affected individuals, families and the community.

FAS World Canada

Contact information
(416) 264-8000
250 Scarborough Golf Club Road
M1J 3G8 Toronto , ON
This website endeavours to share current information about FASD, helping parents and other caregivers who are dealing with FASD issues, and providing topical news stories and announcements about conferences and workshops on FASD around the world. Speakers, presentations, workshops, and a parent support group are some of the services offered.

Best Start: Ontario's Maternal, Newborn and Early Child Development Resource Centre

Contact information
(416) 408-2249 ext. 2336
c/o Health Nexus, Suite 301, 180 Dundas Street West
M5G 1Z8 Toronto , ON
The Best Start Resource Centre provides consultations, workshops and conferences, and subject-specific information and resources. Consultants: provide services free of charge by phone or email, link to resources, problem-solve, discuss strategies and approaches, review action plans or funding proposals, and comment on draft resources.

Resources for Exceptional Children and Youth - Durham Region

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865 Westney Road S
L1S 3M4 Ajax , ON
Grandview offers programs and services to children and young adults with physical and communication disabilities who live in the Durham Region. A family-centered approach emphasizes collaboration with parents, community agencies, educators, and physicians. Medical specialists offer consultation, assessment and diagnosis services, including FASD, and advocate for the provision of medical services as needed. A medical referral is required; please indicate that the referral is a FASD query. FASD assessment is offered for children under 5 years of age.

North Bay Indian Friendship Centre

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(705) 472-2811
980 Cassells Street
P1B 4A6 North Bay , ON
The FASD Programme is designed to assist with FASD Resources available to urban Aboriginal people. It offers both traditional and contemporary approaches to FASD on-site training and consultations. The programme provides intervention, prevention, and programming including community development related to FASD.

Community Living disABILITY Services

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Community Living disABILITY Services (CLDS) (formerly the Supported Living Program) offers a range of day and residential services aimed at providing adults with a mental disability the opportunity for independence in a community setting to the extent possible for each individual. CLDS supports that are potentially available include residential services, day services and related support services.

Mennonite Central Committee Manitoba FASD Program

Contact information
(204) 925-1913
302-1200 Portage Ave
R3G 0T5 Winnipeg , MB
Provides support services to adults with FASD and their families, such as mentorship, information, referral to community resources, service navigation, peer support groups, and workshops.

Interagency FASD Program

Contact information
(204) 582-8658
Unit 10 – 254 Stella Walk
R2W 2T3 Winnipeg , MB
Serves children age 0-6 who have been prenatally exposed to alcohol or other substances. Services provided include: home-based services for families; assistance and advocacy for families in matters of housing, childcare, and daily living; support in accessing diagnostic services and other community based programs.

FASD Outreach Team

Contact information
(204) 945-2295
139 Tuxedo Avenue
R3N 0H6 Winnipeg , MB
Works with parents and professionals to develop specialized early intervention programs that are individualized to meet the needs of children ages 0-6 who have been diagnosed with FASD. Consultation is provided to rural families or agencies who can travel to Winnipeg for consultation.